The dream

A corner of paradise

#3 originale

Ngonia Bay was born from the passion and pride for the extraordinary heritage typical of Sicily, made up of history and traditions, colors, aromas and bright, intense and overwhelming flavors.

A land of strong contrasts, where over the centuries, peoples who came as conquerors remain bewitched by the magic of Sicily and blend with the local people, leaving traces in the culture, in the places, in the cuisine.

Ngonia, ie corner, is the term with which the Greeks called this strip of promontory framed between sky and sea, whipped by the wind and parched by the sun. Sprinkled with myrtle, broom and caper …

Ancient recipes, simple ingredients and Sicilianity.

This is Ngonia Bay!

Ancient tone


The ‘Ngònia square hosts the old warehouses towards the south – renovated just a few years ago – which for centuries offered shelter to the tonnara boats (muciàra, palischermi or bastardi, buddunàru, portachiàra, gabanèlla, etc.). On the other hand, facing the sea, the buildings that belonged to the two aristocratic families that own the Tonnara del Tono, the D’Amico and the Calapaj, rise.

antica tonnara foto