Montalbano Elicona


Montalbano Elicona


On foot or on horseback, along suggestive paths, streams or lakes of clear water, the territory of Montalbano offers pleasant naturalistic excursions to discover landscapes of great charm and mysterious testimonies of ancient civilizations. The fortresses of Argimusco with its megaliths, the curious pastoral huts called cùbburi, the water mills, the dolmens, the Malabotta wood are a destination not to be missed. In the locality of Argimusco there is a megalithic complex consisting of huge boulders of uncertain origin, perhaps the remains of a prehistoric village.

The cùbburi are of considerable ethno-anthropological interest, which could be military posts of an Ionian-Tyrrhenian communication system, but more likely pre-Romanesque forest-pastoral shelters, true masterpieces of rural engineering capable of guaranteeing an effective defense from the cold . To admire them you need to reach the Polverello plateau.

Finally, to discover the Malabotta wood, which has recently become a nature reserve. Centuries-old trees, dense holly bushes and a few gurgling streams are the seductive frame of a still uncontaminated environment. In the midst of beech, oak, pine, chestnut trees live undisturbed foxes, dormice, wild boars, martens, birds of prey and even, in the highest part of the forest, the golden eagle.