dominates that of your thoughts "If the sound of the sea you are in the right place"

Ngonia Bay

Hospitality and cuisine

in pure Sicilian style

The pride for our origins and the typical Sicilian heritage blends with the passion for good food and hospitality to give rise to a new concept of hospitality and to give our guests a new and authentic experience.

Ngonia Bay


In Sicily, lights, colors, scents and warmth touch the four senses, surprising them.

… Now it’s up to Taste!

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Sicilian Bar


Our “Sicilian Bar” offers the opportunity to savor the classics of the Sicilian tradition in the way Sicilians would do it, at the bar!

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  • Enchanting scenery

    The enchanting natural scenery of the bay and the luxurious surroundings of Ngonia Bay create the perfect symbiosis to celebrate your wedding, engagement or simply an anniversary.

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  • Location of style

    The context that surrounds our Relais offers countless glimpses of natural landscape and traces of ancient history. On the one hand, the strong colors of the rocky coast and the Mediterranean scrub that break up the shades of blue of the sky and the sea.

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  • Professional service

    By choosing to rely on the services of Ngonia bay, you can enjoy every moment of your ceremony in total relaxation with your guests, sure to be in good hands.

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Cocktails & Wines


Sure to please our guests, here in Ngonia Bay we take the service dedicated to cocktails and good drinking very seriously.

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A corner of Paradise

Located a step away from the sea and a few minutes from the center, Ngonia Bay is the perfect compromise to enjoy a relaxing romantic stay in an environment surrounded by nature, but with the convenience of experiencing the ferment of city life through short escapes dedicated to the shopping or discovering the nightlife offered by countless restaurants and bars located in the center and in the village of the Milazzese peninsula.

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