History of Beef Carpaccio

History of Beef Carpaccio

Beef carpaccio with rocket and parmesan cheese is a quick and easy second course that does not need to be cooked, which is why it can be defined as a fresh summer dish: very thin slices of raw meat, usually beef or veal, are arranged on a serving dish, sprinkled with rocket and parmesan cheese flakes and seasoned with oil, lemon, salt and pepper. The carpaccio was invented by Giuseppe Cipriani, founder of the famous Harry's Bar in Venice who, in 1950, prepared this dish for the first time in this marvellous city during a painting exhibition on the artist Vittore Carpaccio, to meet the needs of Countess Amalia Nani Mocenigo who was unfortunately forced to follow a diet that prevented her from eating cooked meat.
Our chefs have reworked it by combining the freshness of finger lime with the freshness of fassona meat, the strong, bitter taste of misticanza (made at Capo Milazzo by 7 Punte bios) and the creaminess of fresh goat cheese.

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